Power Outage Updates – 1st email

Hello Power Outage Heroes,

I would like to start out this email with an apology.  I have been remiss in my lack of communication directly with you after your purchase of Power Outage.  I am pretty new at this, and my inexperience is definitely showing.  I can say however, that this time has not gone to waste.

Power Outage may have gone through a transformation since you first downloaded it, and it will continue to do so.  I’d like to take this opportunity to let you know where developments have gone, and where they are going.  So please allow me to paint the picture.

First, we have a new website designed.  http://www.poweroutagegame.com  This site is a continual work in progress, but it already has a ton of great resources.  These resources include sortable/searchable tables of all powers, power submission, Pregenerated Characters, Submission to the Hero Roster, Fillable Character Sheets, Power Cards, links to all our media outlets, and more.

Second, We have continued development of supplementals and Adventures.  As it stands, Mrs. Roboto’s level 1-4 adventure has been release (v. 1.3), as well as a preview for the next adventure for Break Fast.  The full adventure is due for release in March.  Check my drivethru page for more up to date content!

Third,  I’m working on developing version 1.4 of both the Core Rules Book and Mrs. Roboto’s adventure.  This update will have incredibly significant changes to mechanics, and available information, lore, and resources, of course a bevvy of corrections and fixes.  These changes all come from recommendations of testers.

Fourth, we should be ready to go to Print for the Core Rules Book by Mid March. This is in part, preparation for attendance of ConnCon this March, where I hope to be demoing Power Outage.  I hope to see you there!  In the meantime, check the site regularly as we have online Roll 20 sessions going on at all times!

Fifth, we have created a new Players Facebook Group, and you’re welcome to join https://www.facebook.com/groups/PowerOutagePlayersGroup/ This is a great community eager to help out fellow parents game well with their kids.  You can also follow me @bebarce I am more than happy to talk, discuss power outage or anything else geek/parent related.

Lastly, we’ve finally signed up a professional artist.  If you’re interested in commissioning his work for your childrens’ (or your own) characters, he is open for commissions (See image below)

As always thank you again for your purchase. If you like the product please give it a review!  I’ll try to be more active in communicating with you from here on out!  I’m always at your disposal for any questions or concerns.  Also if you downloaded Power Outage to play with your kids, thank you for being a hero to them as well!


Bebarce El-Tayib



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