Supportive Powers

LevelCategoryDamage DiceTargetAdditional Effect
1SupportiveNoneFriendRevive—Restore 2 points of YP to friend, only if they are at Zero YP
1SupportiveNoneFriendRoll a d20—If you get 10 or higher, an ally can reroll their attack roll with a –4 (as a reaction)
1SupportiveNoneFriendRoll a d20—If you get a 10 or higher, and ally can reroll the dice on any power that requires a roll. (as a reaction) The ally can use the higher roll of the two
1Supportive1D3 or 1D4Self and FriendDo 1d3 damage to self or friend in order to gain 1d4 YP to self or friend (Power must always include Self either as the target or recipient. You can not double down on yourself.
1SupportiveNoneAnyoneAdvanced Regeneration - Roll a D8 instead of a D6 as a minor action for 3 Regenerations
1SupportiveNoneAny space up to 10 spaces awayCreate illusion undetectable to enemies up to 3 spaces from the illusion
1SupportiveNoneFriendBoost friendly attack by 1 for 3 rounds
1SupportiveNoneFriendBoost friendly damage by 1 for 3 rounds
1SupportiveNoneFriendBoost friendly IMPACT attacks by 2 for 5 rounds
1SupportiveNoneFriendReduce damage to a friend by 2 (as a reaction)
1SupportiveNoneFriendReduce attack to a friend by 1 (as a reaction)
1SupportiveNoneSpaceCreate 1 by 2 space barrier anywhere within 10 spaces from you.
1SupportiveNoneSpaceMake one space a safe zone for 2 rounds, can be maintained per round at the cost of movement