Utility Powers

LevelCategoryDamage DiceTargetAdditional Effect
1UtilityNoneSelfMove additional 3 spaces per turn for the remainder of the battle
1UtilityNoneSelfCreate barrier in the path of your movement that remain for 1 turn for up to 3 turns
1UtilityNoneSelfLie Detector for rest of engagement
1UtilityNoneSelfFlight - Move over traps or hazards at normal speed
1UtilityNoneSelfBreathe air as if not e?ected by any atmospheric conditions for the remainder of the battle
1UtilityNoneSelfBecome unmovable for 1 round, avoid damage, but can not attack
1UtilityNoneSelfBecome Indestructible but unable to attack for 5 rounds
1UtilityNoneAnyoneCreate Light source or non-combative source of power based energy
1UtilityNoneSelfBecome undetectable to enemies 5 or more spaces away for 2 turns, attacking makes visible
1UtilityNoneAnything 20 pounds or lighterManipulate object up to 10 feet away
1UtilityNoneSelfDetect Traps
1UtilityNoneSelfChange your voice including perfect mimicry, and/or throwing your voice
1UtilityNoneSelfTransform into something else, not changing your abilities in anyway.
1UtilityNoneSelfPull a random non-combative object out of seemingly nowhere ( player or GMs choice)
1UtilityNoneSelfForce Truth up for up to 2 questions, but potentially anger the person questioned
1UtilityNoneSelfPhase through most walls, but you must become substantial at the end of your movement
1UtilityNoneno greater in weight than what you can lift with your bare handsAbility to manipulate particular material s, from a distance of 20 spaces