After looking it over, and reading available modules, I was honestly impressed.  The concepts of learning through gameplay are in each part of the game.  From Shakespearian Quotes, to logic puzzles, and super powers, the game challenges children’s imagination AND reasoning.  The game is also VERY well adapted for school use as everything can be scaled to the audience: From non-combat alternatives to each encounter to the child describing themselves and super powers, and no strict limitations.  There’s no Elf, Human, Dwarf/ fighter, wizard, bard.  One kid can be a robot, another a shapeshifting mermaid, and the third a Dinosaur.  The game world is quite useable with a history you want to see more about in future editions. – Kieyotie McDermott



A fun game filled with logical problems and EXTREMELY well balanced premade characters. A perfect game for children to be creative and work together to solve sidekick like problems. However, the game can be re-crafted to a more mature game. With premade characters so well made mathematically, I urge adults to give this game a go for their guild interested in an interesting HOMEBREW. Check it out. – Jay Kennedy