The Hero Roster is a listing of all submitted Heroes to the Power Outage Website.  These brave children are at the frontlines of fighting for truth and justice.  We celebrate these upstanding citizens of Outage, Alaska, and wish them the very best in their efforts!

To Submit Your Childrens’ Hero, Fill out the form, found here, and the administrator will get back to you shortly.

1st Generation Heroes

These heroes are great to pick up for a quick game, or if you’re demoing Power Outage for some friends who’ve never played it before.



Creator’s Kids’ Heroes

Below are Heroes belonging to the Creators Children.  These are playable characters, and anyone out there is welcome to play as any one of them.


Click Here to Download Butterfly Girl’s Character Sheet


Click Here to Download Ice Princess’s Character Sheet


Click Here to Download Electric Girl’s Character Sheet

Click Here to Download Animal Girl’s Character Sheet