Mrs. Roboto


After having studied robotics at numerous prestigious institutions around the world, Julie Rasputin aka Mrs. Roboto, believed she had finally come up with a solution to create world peace. She created an army of ambassador robots, programmed to solve conflicts around the world.

They were to act as non-biased arbitrators in delicate situations calculating the best trajectory towards peace. But Robotto Corp, the company that funded her work saw no profit in her endeavors. Stripping her of her funding, her job, and her precious robots, they reprogrammed them to serve as amusement park attractions, and to replace minimum wage tellers at fast food restaurants.

Infuriated by her termination, and seeking vengeance, Mrs. Roboto snapped, and activated a backdoor program on her robot army. Unable to fully rid Robotto Corps programming she now rules over an army of robot servants hell bent on dominating the world for peace and offering extra large fries with any order. But in order to get there she has her sites on Shorai city, home of Robotto core, and a world leader in robotics technology.