Version 1.4 News

Version 1.4 is currently in the works.  You can find my running notes for updates to be made here.


Version 1.3 Now Available!

Version 1.3 of the CRB and Mrs. Robotto is available on which you can get here.

V1.3 Updates

  1. New Cover Art and Interior Art
  2. More error checking.
  3. New Gaming With Kids section


Version 1.2 is archived here for your use.

There are currently newer versions of Power Outage Available.

Power Outagev12

additionally, you will find that I’ve updated The Inventor Block, renaming the character to Mrs. Roboto

you can find that revised document here

Mrs Roboto – Part 1

V1.2 Updates

  1. Added New Powers for levels 1 – 19
  2. Added World Section, full of background history of Outage, it’s districts, and getting around guides
  3. Fixed the Table of Contents
  4. Ran the document through a spellcheck

I hope you enjoy the new version.